How to Enhance Your Tyvek Suit for Safety

How to Enhance Your Tyvek Suit for Safety

Are you planning to get your tyvek suits modified to suit your preference? These suits are perfect when offering protection and harm, especially at your workplace. You can use these suits when cleaning tough stains such as paint, oil, and sewage and protect your skin from extreme damage. Tyvek suits are made up of barrier properties and how you suit up determines the level of protection and the risk you are exposed to. Although some people never mind getting dirty when cleaning, some dirt can be quite extreme and cause damage to some body parts. And that is when these suits come into question. So, how can you enhance them for better performance? Let us explore the ideas below.

Enhancing your Tyvek suit to Improve safety

Use of coveralls

These types of suits offer hoodie-footie safety to everyone. It simply means that these suits have booties, cuffs, and a hood that are elastic to ensure maximum protection. Especially when you have kids around, these suits offer the best protection ever!

Tapping the gloves to the Tyvek suit

It is always recommendable to buy a big Tyvek suit for comfortability. However, this move will have you expose more of your skin. That is why tapping the sleeves and gloves using duct tape to cover the arms is the real deal. This will protect you, especially from fiberglass dust that can be really irritating and dangerous to the skin too.

Consider a bigger size

The best way to go with Tyvek suits is to go bigger. Remember, you are going to move around; you will stretch, squat, bend, and all forms of movements. Now can you imagine having a tight-fixed Tyvek suit on? It will really make it hard to accomplish the desired tasks. Also, small or rather tight Tyvek suits can easily tear when stretching and moving around. So, when making an order, choose an extra big Tyvek suit to keep your body in perfect shape as you work.

Use baby powder or corn starch in your Tyvek suit with booties

Another perfect tip that will help you a big deal is using corn starch or baby powder in your Tyvek suit with booties. It can be a tough experience fitting into the boots and squeezing your leg to fit in. Dusting is a perfect idea since the suit is a tough one.

Always Clean your Tyvek suit

When working with hazardous materials, remember to always have your Tyvek suit cleaned to perfection. Dirty Tyvek suits with boots can track harmful substances that can cause even more harm instead of protecting you against the harm. Otherwise, your safety must be a top priority when wearing a Tyvek suit.


Are you working in an environment prone to accidents and damage, especially to your skin? Well, it is high time you have your Tyvek suit. However, owning a Tyvek suit isn’t enough. How do you ensure it serves you the intended purpose of improving the safety measures? I hope you have learned something concerning Tyvek suits and how they can protect you, especially when working or when you have kids around. If you have a burning quiz on Tyvek suits, always consult experts for reliable answers.